Beyond Me

These observations are a kind of sketchy map of a belief system, with large sections marked "Here there bee tygres" and "Terra Incognita". The body itself is a belief that is generated as an identity by consciousness. The model of a being in a body -- a flying eyeball that can move into and out of a body when in good spiritual shapeis limiting and less than the whole truth. Actually the viewpointasbeing theory is something like focusing on the tippy tendril of a morningglory vine and considering it to be the whole garden. Indeed almost unlimited miracles can be found to be occurring there on the tip of a vine. But it is not the whole garden by a long shot.

A beingness in a remote corner of imagination, like a single tendriltip in a garden, might well believe itself to be defined where it thinks it is and not much more than that. To teach that this is the whole of the being is mildly offensive.

Your limits are not the limits of your body. They are not even the limits of your personality or your viewpoint.

Your limits are the limits of your imagination.

In it there are vastnesses, dimensions and qualities that the clod of credibility called a body wotteth not of. Vasty deep and vasty height of sheer imagining are the zones of your greatest creation.

# # #

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