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This manual is the second in a series of three. It is assumed that you have already studied Facilitator Training Manual #1 - Transformational Dialogues. It is also assumed that you have a basic command of the tools of a process facilitator.

This manual is intended to provide the knowledge, skill and tools necessary for you to guide clients through more long term programs of personal development. It contains modules suitable for building a personal path for and with a client.

This manual is intended as a text book to accompany training sessions with a master facilitator. It is not a replacement for actual experience. The manual does, in theory, contain all the information and exercises you need. You can study it on your own, do the exercises, and make your own experiences with clients. However, you would be much better served by having an experienced facilitator around to interact with.

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The materials in this manual are placed in the public domain by the author, Flemming Funch. They are no longer copyrighted. These materials may be copied and distributed and used freely.
No claims or guarantees are being made as to any results you will receive. The purpose of this work is purely educational. Any actions you take will be at your own risk and responsibility.

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