Group Entities

Occasionally you'll find multiple entities that are grouped together so that they act as one.

It is a quality of spiritual beings that they can act in unison as one. That generally only happens when the members are at a high vibratory level where they are willing to share their space with others without having personal agendas of their egos.

However, you will also see a similar phenomenon at a lower level, brought about by duress. You might see groups of people acting exactly the same robotic way without individuation. They would be below individuation, which is a very different state than acting in unison because one is above individuation.

You might find both kinds of phenomena in the client's world as group entities. You might find a group speaking with one voice because they are in great rapport with each other, or you might find a group knocked together by a traumatic incident of some sort.

If the group entity is related to an unwanted phenomenon it might be desirable to break up a group entity. It might not be possible to resolve it unless it gets broken down into its component parts.

A group entity gets broken up into individual entities by resolving whatever is keeping them together. That will typically be an incident that needs to be experienced. When it has been experienced from the group viewpoint a few times it might start breaking up and one would experience it from each individual viewpoint.

A client might for example have an illness or a pain in the body. It might appear to resist communication, doesn't know what it is there for, and doesn't want any new choices. But we might go through an incident that is related to it and suddenly it changes from being just one thing to being a bunch of things, or a bunch of viewpoints.

Often incidents of impacts, explosions, pressure, accidents, electrocution, or similar sudden violent stuff can create group entities. For example, a bus accident incident might leave behind a black mass of stuff. When we re-experience it a few times the black mass might change into a bunch of passengers, and then we can re-experience their individual viewpoints.

For processing purposes you don't need to have any opinion on what the group entity really is. When we process it it might appear as if the actual bus passengers were compressed into a little black ball. That is probably not the case. You can't really crumble real beings into black balls. But it is some kind of representation of these people, some part of them, or an imagined copy of a part of them. The difference is of no importance for processing purposes.

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