There is no particular PLACE we are trying to get people to. Rather, we are trying to get people into the STATE of always knowing where to go.

This is often referred to as being "in the flow". We can assume that the universe is in continuous motion, like an vast ocean. It is not random motion, there are certain flows and waves and cycles going on. If you ride these flows you are in the middle of the action and you will go places fast. If you ignore or resist these flows, you will get a lot of turbulence, but won't really go anywhere.

When one is in the flow, things happen easily and naturally. It is like the next step automatically materializes and the whole universe is supporting the direction one is moving in.

It is like surfing. If you spot a good wave and you jump on it, you will get somewhere really fast and have a great ride, with very minimal effort. Whether you ride the wave or not is just a matter of where you position yourself and then just a bit of balance.

Fighting against the current is hard. You use a lot of effort and you don't seem to get much out of it, because the wave is going the other way.

Being in the flow does NOT mean that one is just being carried along aimlessly, along with everybody else, to places that one doesn't want to go to. That is not what it is about. The surfer picks the right wave and rides it skillfully, getting the most optimum experience available. The wave doesn't go out of its way to pick up somebody just standing on the beach.

The universe is full of natural flows. There is always one that goes in the direction you want. It might not be in the exact way and under the exact conditions you had in mind. But trying to win a fight against the rest of the universe, insisting on having things done only your way is a bit of a losing game. If you leverage your intentions by following the universal flows, then you get where you need to go really quickly.

It is all about harmony with yourself, with the conditions you are in, with the people around you, with the planet, with the universe, with all-that-is. If you isolate yourself as one little speck of mental machinery and you insist on having everything else dance after your tune, then you won't have much luck. Instead you can operate AS a whole vast universe, having all of its powerful forces at your disposal, and just naturally allow things to flow the way they need to flow.

There are no fixed places that it is right to go to, there is no one correct way of doing things, there are no uniform steps that everything has to follow. The universe is dynamic, life is dynamic, it is in constant motion. If you try to treat it as if it is standing still and always is the same, that is when you run into trouble with it.

If Thursday is a good day to go to the beach, it doesn't mean that Friday is. Maybe it is a great day to go to the movies. The way the flows go are different at different times for different people in different situations in different places.

Some people might have achieved magnificent things or attained amazing abilities by following certain steps. Those were the steps that happened to be in the flow for them at that time under those conditions. They might or might not be useful to you under your different conditions.

The holy grail is not a thing, or a place, or a datum. It is the state of always being in the flow of where the action is, always knowing what to do. It is a state of harmony with All-that-is.


- Think of some times in your life where you worked very hard, but nothing much came out of it.
- Then think of some times where things just seemed to happen right by themselves, with hardly any effort on your part.

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