Creative Acts

Transformational Processing pre-supposes that life is meant to be new, exciting, educational, challenging, active and fun. We work on making life more of a continuous creative act. We work on making it less monotonous, boring, depressing, frightening, overwhelming, passive or empty.

Creative is a key word. It is all about making life more creative. That means for one thing that it is something one is doing or generating actively, not just something one is the passive and powerless recipient of. It also means that it is about something new, unique and different. Doing the same old thing is not creative. You add value to all-that-is by having a unique experience, but doing something nobody else has done before, or by experiencing or perceiving it in a unique way, or by learning something unique from what you do. Creativity is simultaneous with discovery. You actively discover something new and you are just as surprised as everybody else.

There is no inherent spiritual value in being a polite, secure, well-rounded, middle class human being like everybody else. Doesn't score any points in the big picture, except to the degree that you find a unique way of doing so.

Anybody can live life creatively. Any reason why one couldn't is only an apparency. You don't need to be a circus performer or a novelist to do things creatively. It is not your particular specialty or location in life that will limit you. You can perfectly well do plumbing or clerical work creatively.

Processing is to help you regain the ability to do anything creatively. Look at little kids. Going to the bathroom or eating an apple can be a totally unique experience done in different and unexpected ways, subject to new discoveries and learnings.

Creativity is not an intellectual process. It is not something you sit and figure out. Actually people tend to be more creative the more they get the mind out of the way. It has a lot more to do with channeling the flows of the cosmos than it has to do with analytically constructing ideas.

Make life a creative act.


- Do something you have done many times before, but now do it in a new and different way

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