Feeling Life

Even though TPS encompasses a system of how to help people, what exactly to do with them, what to say and so forth, none of that implies that a mechanical application of these materials will have the desired result. It is not a rote system. It is a framework and a set of tools. You and your clients fill in the rest. Without what you will fill in, nothing much would happen.

Specifically, the results are not gained by mental analysis. It is not something that you or your client need to realize or explain that makes the difference. It is not the exact steps taken or the exact words spoken.

Results are when the person's reality changes. That is reflected in how she sees things and how she talks about things. But it is best represented in how she feels things. The way reality FEELS is the best indicator of what it is.

No matter what you have studied and how quickly you can answer any question about transformational processing techniques, unless you feel your ability to help people, unless you actually feel what is going on with people, and unless you feel yourself actually helping people -- then you wouldn't really BE a process facilitator.

And no matter how meticulously you've taken your client through the correct steps, asked the right questions, gotten the right answers -- unless she actually FEELS different, and she feels her reality being different -- she won't have been processed worth much.

I am not saying this to make it sound difficult or intimidating. I am trying to say that really it is EASY. All our fancy explanations and theories and steps and so forth are just there in order to help somebody feel different. It doesn't matter if you do anything "correctly" really. All that matters is that different feeling.

If you worry about nothing else, focus on making your clients feel good. Work towards having more of an honest feeling yourself of what is going on with yourself and others. And work on increasing others' ability to honestly feel what is actually going on.


- Examine your own feelings about doing transformational processing

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