The world is not standing still. It is at an increasing rate prompting people to keep moving. The planet and everybody on it are accelerating.

One of the most obvious indicators of this is that time is moving faster. You can get wide agreement on that in almost any group of people. Time is moving faster, there is less and less time left over.

Several things happen when an acceleration is taking place:

- People are forced to prioritize what is really important to them. They don't have time to do everything and there isn't time left over. They have to actively assert what they really want.

- People's weak spots become more apparent. Life is moving faster, and in situations of stress one is less able to maintain a polished social facade. What was hidden is likely to come out in the open.

- When things are moving faster it becomes more unpleasant to hold on to old fixed ways of being. What was insignificant in quieter times becomes excruciatingly unbearable if the external world is moving much faster.

- Physical work and long-term effort becomes much less significant. Thoughts and emotions start to make a much bigger difference. Since things happen more based on what one thinks and feels, the importance of time and effort starts disintegrating.

All of this supports our work in spiritual development. This is an excellent time, an excellent opportunity for personal improvement. Many more people will realize that they need to change, and their circumstances in life will push them to get going. And if they do change for the better they will see the external results of that faster than ever.

Everybody will begin to follow some kind of path of change. The ones that don't will live fearful and unbearable lives. They will appear to be mistreated by circumstances and their hidden fears start coming alive in the environment. Eventually they will go insane. Most people will wake up and smell the coffee much before that. The only way of surviving is to resolve one's hidden issues, to become balanced and integrated.

When people are already traveling in an accelerated manner we need to accommodate that. You can not expect that you can dictate exactly how their development will take place. It will take place by itself. People will inevitably be doing things between sessions, they will inevitably be doing several things at the same time, and it will inevitably be a bit confused occasionally.

The role of the facilitator is as a consultant. You are helping people have a more smooth ride and resolve their issues easier and faster. They would be forced to do it anyway, but the hard way. What you can offer is to take things up before they become a real big external crisis. You can help people ride the wave, rather than being swept off their feet by it.

It can be very enlightening for people to be made aware of the acceleration. They have already felt the symptoms of it, but they might not have added them up to a conclusion. They might have labeled their experience as "bad", "unlucky", "frightening" etc. Putting things in perspective on how their experience fits into a bigger scene can reframe the situation for them. Realizing that events around them have something to do with them and their thoughts and feelings can be a very big revelation.


- Write up some indicators you have noticed of the world accelerating.

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