An expert process facilitator need not only to do the right things, but also to know exactly why she is doing them. Doing the right things will get you a long way. But being fully conscious of what you are doing will take you to a whole other level.

The actions and techniques of transformational processing are not isolated from one another. They become connected parts of a bigger whole. A facilitator who is always aware of the bigger whole is more valuable than one who can focus only on the current action being done.

As a facilitator gradually masters the various principles, techniques and abilities involved in processing she will gradually move her awareness up to a higher level.

At first she might struggle with understanding what the idea in Re-Experiencing is and might strain to remember all the steps. As she becomes proficient in doing that, her attention will probably shift more to the client, establishing what to address and when we are done with it. Gradually that becomes second nature. She will then develop more of an overview of where Re-Experiencing fits in and how it dove-tails with other techniques. As she masters that, she can devote more attention to maximizing the client's progress through life.

A master facilitator doesn't have to spend any attention on whether she is doing the techniques right or on deliberating with herself which technique she should use next. She just does what works. All her attention is on the client and her progress through time. She maintains a meta-perspective while she is doing the right thing. She never lets her sight off of the wholeness of the situation.

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