Learning is the ongoing process of applying one's mind to acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Before one can learn, one needs to realize that there is something one doesn't know or can't do, and one needs to desire to learn.

To learn, one needs to put one's attention on something. The amount of attention one applies is more important than the amount of time one spends doing it.

To learn something new, one possibly has to unlearn some things one already knows. One might have to re-evaluate the data one previously has been using. One might have to get out of old habits and action patterns.

Learning involves changing one's mind.

Education might involve an inflow of data or experience. The actual learning is done by the individual. Learning can not be forced.

Something has been learned when one knows it inside and can act with it externally. No amount of parroted data adds up to learning. When one has really learned, one becomes the source of data and action.


- Write up a list of things you would like to learn
- Note which ones you already are learning, according to the definition of "applying your mind to them".

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