Unblocking Flows

Life is naturally flowing. The universe is dynamic, it is in constant motion.

Anything that is considered a problem, an aberration, anything that is painful, frightening or confusing, can simply be regarded as a flow that is blocked.

Flows are naturally flowing, of course. If you block a flow, then something will build up. Unless the flow finds another way of flowing pressure will build up, and that will be painful or will cause trouble somehow.

You can treat anything as energy. The energies are flowing in their natural state. The whole reason for transformational processing is in freeing up energy flows that have been blocked. That is what we are doing, in terms of energy. Finding blocked flows and making them flow again.

Any conflict between people consists of blocked flows. They aren't communicating well with each other. They aren't in tune with themselves. All of which is flows.

A physical pain is simply accumulated pain that isn't flowing.

A fixed idea is at attempt to make energy not flow that really is flowing.

A traumatic incident can have a negative effect only because a flow has not been allowed to complete.

Polarities exist because of a lacking flow between different aspects of the person.

Any technique is valid that makes energy flow again.


- List all the phenomena you can think of that transformational processing addresses. Notice how it is a flow that is blocked and the technique gets the flow moving.

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