Measuring Energy Fields

Live bodies have an energy field around them, what is often broadly referred to as the Aura.

The measuring of auras is no key element of TPS. However, since it is easy to do, and it is another method of gaining information and getting feedback on our work, it is included here. You might choose to develop it into a more effective tool for processing, or you might just use it as an effective demonstration of the existence of subtle energies.

The easiest way for most people of measuring energy fields is to feel them with your hands. That tends to give a more finite and repeatable test, as compared to seeing energy fields, where one would be more likely to imagine things that aren't there.

In the palm of each hand is a sensitive area which is a small chakra. If you rub the middle of the palm in each hand for a moment they should become activated. Then, from as far as you can reach out your arms, move your palms slowly towards each other. At a certain point it will be like you meet a bit of resistance. The areas in your palms will be kind of buzzing when you reach a certain threshold. That is where the energy fields from each hand are meeting in the middle.

You can use that same sensation to test the extent of an energy field on others, or even on yourself. Basically you will start your hand from a certain distance and move it, with the palm facing towards the person, until you sense the buzz of resistance.

The overall extent of a person's field tells you something. People who are more energized, who manifest power in one way or another will tend to have wider fields than people who are holding themselves more back.

However, rather than using it as a way of comparing people, this is more useful to measure relative strengths for a particular person, and their change. Particularly we can use it to do a quick assessment of the chakras.

Start by testing the extent of the field right above the person's head. Then move downwards and test the extent of each of the 7 main chakras, or any other areas you might have interest in.

There will be a certain average distance that the field goes out to, that will be your reference. We will then watch for whether the field in the different chakra areas is about at that reference distance or if it is smaller or bigger.

If the field in a certain chakra area does not go out as far as the average distance it indicates that the energy is depleted in that area. If the field goes out further than the reference distance, it indicates that there is excess energy in the area.

Either way, that would be an indication that there would be some issue to process, something to clear, some resources to add, etc. The chakra would give us a hint about what it is, in that each one relates to certain aspects of the person's life.

Chakra 1, the root chakra, relates to one's sense of security, foundation, basic survival. If it is depleted, the person probably doesn't feel grounded and secure and that would be something to work on.

Chakra 2 relates to sex and reproduction. A surplus there indicates built-up sexual urges and issues of close relationships that aren't being expressed. A depletion would indicate that something is being inhibited or not accessed.

Chakra 3 is about feeling and sensing things, that is the solar plexus area. If an excess of energy there, it signifies stuff the person hasn't dealt with, feelings that haven't been processed. If depleted, she probably needs to get access to more feelings.

Chakra 4 is the Heart chakra. It is about how accepting, open and loving one is. A surplus might indicate built-up hatred or unacceptance. Depletion means that more resources are needed or she needs to open up more.

Chakra 5 is the Throat chakra. That is about communication. If there is excess energy it indicates that she has some things to say but stops herself from doing so. If depleted, she is running low on the resources that would allow her to communicate.

Chakra 6 is the Third Eye. It is about psychic perceptions. A surplus indicates that one isn't paying attention to or processing all the perceptions that actually are there. A depletion indicates that one is lacking resources in the area or one's abilities are being suppressed.

Chakra 7, the Crown chakra, is about spirituality and connection to higher levels of awareness. If it is depleted it indicates that the person closes herself off from receiving spiritual support. If there is a surplus it indicates some issues about it that should be worked on.

So, measuring the energy field can give you a clue on where to look for processing material. It might bring up something the person wouldn't consciously have thought of mentioning, or that she might be hiding.

After you have done some work in the indicated areas you can then again check the area and verify your results.

A typical person has an energy field that goes out about 6 inches or so. A person in good shape who is a channel for universal energies might have a field going out much wider, possibly 20-30 feet or more.

You can also test sideways around the chakras to see how wide the channel of energy is, using both hands. A bigger diameter indicates a more open interchange. A typical person has 1-2 inches. A person in really good shape could be 10 inches or even several feet.

The extent of the energy fields varies. Particularly for a person who is in good shape, spiritually speaking. Then the field would be more flexible and would adjust to circumstances. If it is necessary to take in or give out a lot of energy, the extent would be larger and the diameter wider. If it is necessary to protect oneself, they would get smaller. A person who is less developed might not be able to adjust and might not open up to let enough energy through when necessary, or might be unable to shut down when unwanted energy is coming in.

You can measure other things than the chakras of bodies. And what exactly you are measuring depends somewhat on what you put your attention on. You can measure the extent of harmful or beneficial energies connected with different things or different places. You can determine the qualities of food and things like that.

But, as I said, this is a little off the main path of transformational processing. Not as much as it might seem, though. TP has a lot to do with energy. Essentially what we are working on is the energy phenomena in the person's space. You can treat it more or less directly as energy, depending on your personal preference. If you know what you are doing, it might well be preferable to interact directly with energy rather than just talking about it.


- Practice measuring energy fields with your hands until you are sure you can do it.

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