Body Perceptions

The body is an excellent indicator for the state of a person's reality. Unresolved issues will influence the body, and if severe enough will lead to illness or death. Probably, before it gets that far, it should be possible to spot some kind of energy accumulations in the body and deal with what they indicate.

It should be possible to have a body that is free of any stagnant energy, where the life force just flows through it without resistance, a transparent vehicle for the spiritual being.

To evaluate the state of the body requires some thorough and detailed perceptions of it. To get that, one needs to take responsibility for the body and to respect it.

To use the body as a measuring device , and also to generally take good care of it, it is probably a good idea to start with some better perceptions of it. I suspect that a lot of people ignore a lot of what is going on in their bodies.

One can go through an exercise of systematically checking over each part of one's body, for each part feeling from inside what is going on in that area, interacting with it until one is in good rapport with it, getting some more perceptions on it, such as temperature, pressure, movement, vibration, weight, and size and shape of any energy accumulations in the area.

Some areas will be perceived as light and flowing, and those are probably in good shape. Others might contain energy lumps, be heavy, or dense. Those will probably lead to something worth handling.

An energy accumulation might be resolved simply by perceiving it and interacting with it. It might just need to be noticed, or appreciated, or communicated with, and it will free up.

Any simple communication process could do. Certainly saying "Hello" to it, but you could also talk back and forth with the energy more extensively, and ask it questions and so forth. If might free up or resolve from a simple dialogue.

Just because you can get an energy accumulation in the body to talk back to you doesn't have to mean that somebody has been trapped there by some gruesome methods. If you use that as a preconceived idea then you will end up missing a lot of things. It is probably a better starting point to take responsibility for it yourself, and then sort out what it is about.

It is a rather limiting idea that the actual person would only be the current conscious mind and that anything that appears foreign or that talks back is something or someone else. Really, a being is much more resourceful than that. Haven't you ever heard of spiritual ventriloquism? It is a much more liberating model that beings can operate at many levels of consciousness at the same time, and in many dimensions simultaneously, and your current conscious awareness by no means represent peak performance.

At any rate, you can communicate with accumulations of energy. That is only ONE of the ways of dealing with them. They don't have to be personified, you can also resolve them in different ways. But often it is more simple and direct to treat them as people. Don't mistake the map for the territory, though .

Communication doesn't have to take place verbally. You can't necessarily expect all your body parts to speak fluent English, even though they might respond to your intentions. But, well, maybe they speak Body Language? .. But, jest aside, energy accumulations in the body might be more likely to communicate in feelings of various kinds.

One can establish sub-conscious communication methods with energies. We can make an agreement that one specific change in its feeling means "Yes" and another change means "No". That bypasses the person's conscious figuring on the subject and can give direct contact with whatever it is we are addressing. The person will realize to her surprise that the feeling will change as a response to questioning, and in a different way than she would consciously have predicted. This technique is out of 6-step reframing, from NLP. If the person doesn't yet perceive feeling changes well, the same thing can be done by assigning "Yes" to one finger, and "No" to another, and have them move up automatically, depending on the answers.

Now, a personified energy accumulation that you can communicate with, can answer up in different ways. It can go along with being regarded as a part of the main person, with only the best of intentions towards her. In that case it would mostly need to be listened to, to be relieved of any upsets, maybe get supplied with some more ways of helping. Maybe the part is no longer needed and can be re-integrated with the main person. Maybe it is needed, but it just needs some acknowledgment.

Most energy accumulations, body feelings and so forth, could be regarded as being symptoms of incomplete actions and incomplete communications that have been ignored. If you stop ignoring them and let the incomplete actions be completed, then there is no point in having the undesirable feelings any more. Illnesses are more consistently or grossly ignored messages from yourself to yourself.

Some energy accumulations would protest at being regarded as part of the person and will insist on being separate beings. That is what we could regard as foreign entities. For those we can ask them where they come from, what they are doing there, we can run them through incidents they are stuck in and so forth, and they will usually end up leaving and the energy accumulation is gone. It is not important if it really was a full being there, or if it was just a set of copied awareness units. At any rate, the difference is less than you might think.

Some energies would respond better to being treated as incidents that need to be re-experienced, rather than as beings. If you put your attention on the area, pictures would appear that somehow correspond to the feeling or what it represents. Those incidents can be processed of course. It is important to experience them multiple viewpoint, and not just regard them as your's or as somebody else's. There will also be decisions connected with those incidents, and lessons to learn from them.

There are other types of stuff that energy accumulations could be addressed as, but most of them are less likely. Like, potentially energies could relate to created machinery, to alternate selves or all kinds of other stuff. However, that kind of stuff is usually lighter.

Body energy accumulations are most likely to relate to stuff with emotional content. It can be addressed through communication, incidents, viewpoints, etc., whatever gets us to some kind of uncommunicated emotional issue.

More important than any of the incident and entity kind of phenomena would be the actual emotional issues that the person hasn't faced and the ways it has been directly caused. The other stuff accumulates for a reason of course, it is by no means random fallout.

We could say that body feelings, accumulated energies, illnesses and so forth all come from intentions and desires the person has, but that she isn't letting out. She is both trying to do something, and then she is trying to stop herself from doing it. That creates a standing wave, and it is to that standing wave that the other stuff would attach itself. Since only stuff of a somewhat similar nature would attach itself, processing the incidents and entities and so forth would give us a good hint about what the person herself needs to take responsibility for and change. She might just get the point and change herself accordingly.

So, the person has an original desire to do something, something she really feels like doing. That would generally be something good, desirable and pleasurable, such as "to make art" or "to be safe". Then there will be secondary reaction thoughts that somehow make the original desire impossible. The unexpressed emotional desire will stack up as a standing wave and will somehow let its presence be known by manifesting some sort of symptoms.

There is no particular pat answer one how to locate and address the suppressed emotional desire. It needs to be done, and various techniques might be found effective

There is a lot of valuable material that can be addressed based on perceptions of energy accumulations in the space of the body. All of this can be used to make bodies observably more radiantly healthy. This is not just subjective realizations we are talking about here.

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