Life Efficiency Tools

There is a class of actions we can do that relate more directly to the client's actual life than most of our techniques. Mostly we are working somewhat removed from life, working with the person's inner reality and general life skills. However, to balance that work out and ground our results, there is also great benefit to gain from addressing the persons actual life situation more directly.

What is going on here is really that we can place the focus in different places. We can focus on the person's subjective reality and help her change her mind. That is Semantic Processing, working with the subjective Meaning of things. That is what the majority of our techniques do. Then we can work the person through Training Exercises, trying to enhance specific abilities that we deem to be generally useful. There we don't focus on the mind stuff, but simply on getting an observable ability. And then thirdly we could focus, not on the mind, or on general abilities, but on results in life.

To focus directly on results in life we will help the person organize her life, get different parts of it aligned, and be more clear on what to do. That is still processing, but it is focused on the external result, rather than on the subjective result.

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