Domain Activity Alignment

Sorting out the alignment between the different domains of a person's life can be a very powerful thing to do. This is an example of a procedure for how to do so:

1. Discuss with the person the definitions of each domain if necessary.

2. Go through the domains and have her describe in specifics what she has in each one. That doesn't mean 'a wife', 'a group'. It means 'Betty-Ann', 'Glendale Bridge Club', and so forth, the specifics. We are trying to find out what she places in each domain.

3. Then, find out what she is doing in each domain. Not what she is supposed to do, but what she is actually doing today.

4. Take the first point on the Activity Alignment list. Go through for each domain what she wants to place there. E.g. establish the Basic Intention for each domain. Then take the next one, Desired Objectives, and establish what is there for each domain. Do that for all points on the Activity Alignment list for all the domains. If several people, e.g. a couple, are doing this together alternate between them for each point. E.g. intention on domain one for one, goal for domain for the other, and so forth.

5. Pick the most interesting domain. Work the layout for that domain all the way up and down until it is in agreement.

6. Go through the remaining domains and work them up and down.

7. Note any conflicts between domains and sort them out.

8. If the layouts are done for a group, resolve the conflicts between layouts for the members.

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