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This manual does not pretend to provide the complete steps required to get to any particular state. It doesn't. Don't expect it either to contain all the modules that it would be appropriate to address. It doesn't. This is simply a compilation of different areas, different techniques, different subjects, different questions, different viewpoints, that might be useful starting points in working with clients. They are organized into modules in this manual. Some of the modules here are very comprehensive, others are very sketchy. That is not supposed to say anything about the area addressed.

Please don't just do everything in this manual rotely from one end to the other. Well, it will probably do somebody some good, but it is not its purpose. You need to take responsibility for what you do yourself, and you need to deal with the actual person in front of you. The materials here are meant to give you some hints along the way if neither you nor your client has anything better in mind at the moment.

Last revision: 26 June 1994.
The materials in this pack are Copyrighted © 1994 by Flemming Funch.
These materials may be copied and distributed freely for non-commercial purposes.
No claims or guarantees are being made as to any results you will receive. The purpose of this work is purely educational. Any actions you take will be at your own risk and responsibility.

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