by Flemming Funch, May 91

Your mind is like a vast house full of doors.

The room you are in is your concious mind. You are immediately aware of what is there. To get to anywhere else you need to open some doors.

Many of the doors are locked. And many of them are barred by debris. Many doors are hidden in other rooms behind other locked doors and debris.

Some of the doors are not locked and you can open them. But you might not know what is behind them. You might get burnt if you just fling the door open and barge in. But if you open first a crack, take a peek, and only open further and enter when you are ready, then you can explore any of the available rooms.

If a door is barred by debris you must clean up the debris first or you will have to bring it with you.

When a door is locked you need to find the key or combination that will open it. You might guess it right away, or you might have to try the combinations that you know. If the door won't open you must save it for a later attempt. Don't dynamite the door by using force or drugs; it might be useful in the future to have a door there.

If you unlock a door for the first time, open it cautiously. Only enter when you are comfortable with the open door.

When you enter a new room, look at it until you know exactly what is in it. You might have to walk around and look from several different angles before you see everything. Do not leave the room until you know what is there and you can handle it. Only then might you consider going to other rooms.

When you are finished with a room and you don't currently need what is in there, close the door after you, but leave it unlocked.

When you know what is in a room, it is now available to you. You can open the door and see and use what is there at any time.

The contents of any room that you know and have cleared will not cause you any trouble. However, the rooms you haven't looked at can give you any kind of trouble you can think of. Maybe the faucets have been left running, maybe termites are eating the woodwork, maybe vital knowledge is collecting dust in there.

In some of the rooms you have records, in some you have tools, in some you have connections to other people, other places, other times, in some you just have junk.

When you have accessed, looked at, and cleared enough rooms you can start working at changing them. You can put things there that you want, and you can even add new rooms.

When you know and can handle everything that is in the house, you are free to leave the house. You can take the house down if you wish, you can go and build another, or you can walk around outside.