Some people feel very much a part of their families and the society in which they live whilst others feel completely out of place. They feel that they must have been adopted or that they must have come from somewhere else even from another planet or another universe. They may be right.

You have your own unique universe. You are here to have fun finding how other's have constructed their own universes. Each of those universe's is different from all others--unique!

At some time in your life you will find people who feel to you like your true family. They are your spiritual family. They reflect you as you wish to be.

You choose the family you come into whether the family involved is your biological family or not. You made this choice in order to experience what you are experiencing. You 'come from' your own universe.

Look at what you are experiencing.

See what there is in the experience to help you learn about your own qualities and about the uniqueness of you.

All the good things you can see in other people are reflections of your own good qualities.

However, you also see the things in others that are not right. These reflect hidden parts of your universe that you prefer not to have.

You choose to reflect what you admire in order to see your chosen qualities and you choose to reflect what you find unacceptable in order to resolve these things in your self

Look to see if you are judging yourself as right and others as wrong.

This judgment is what makes you feel alien to other people. This judgment is also what makes them feel alien to you.


1. List all the judgments that you are making of a person you feel alien to.

Take the first judgment.
2. Find times when you have been or done whatever it is that you are judging the other person for being or doing.

3. Take full responsibility for what you caused at each of those times, and feel the feelings that you may have caused.

4. Let those feelings go--just let them go--the same way you would let a piece of paper you were holding on to go. This will allow you to forgive yourself.

5. Decide to change.

6. Repeat this for each judgment on your list--
and you will feel closer to that person.

When all alienation caused through judgment is released you will find it easier to decide exactly who you are.