-which you feel
-which you receive from another

Anger is a natural, even a positive emotion for a human to feel. Feeling the emotion of anger stimulates a person to action, and that action is to survive by either fighting or fleeing. If you cannot fight or flee, you need to find another method of expressing this anger.

It is important that the expression is appropriate, and many people have not yet learned the appropriate expression of anger. Anger expressed in an appropriate fashion does no harm--it may even strengthen a relationship--which is why it may be called "positive".

Anger that is not expressed is said to be suppressed or repressed. Unexpressed anger may have various unwanted results. The chemistry of suppressed or repressed anger can lodge in the body and cause disease, or the energy of anger can build up and up and up until something triggers it. We all have witnessed someone exploding into rage over next to nothing.

Suppression and repression of anger causes all of our problems with anger.

If you are feeling fear in the presence of such outbursts from someone, know that you have attracted that person by means of your own repressed anger. You may have no idea that it is there. If you are with someone who has outbursts of anger it is almost certain that you do have suppressed and repressed anger

Repressed anger in yourself attracts repressed anger in others.


1. Find a time when you felt that kind of fear.
There will be some anger of your own under that fear which you did not express at that time.

2. Allow yourself to become aware of the anger that is under the fear. Do not think and reason it out--just let it come to you. Know that it is all right for you to feel angry.

When the feeling which is anger is there with you,
3. Feel it as intensely as you can. Let the feelings build up more and more. Really build the intensity--consciously.

When the energy has come to a peak. . .
4. Pour the feelings into an imaginary container. Pour all that energy into the container. There may be words associated with the feeling. Let them flow with the feelings into the container. If you fill one container, then fill another, and another. . . . .

4a. Make sure all the anger is gone from you. If some remains, intensify it until you can let it go and then put it in a container.

5. Imagine that you are the you who is much more than your body and magically turn all the contents of the containers into bright, sparkling white light. Pour all that sparkling white light into yourself--through the top of your head filling your body.

Do not hurry. Take as long as you like. Enjoy the process, and enjoy the light.