If you receive information about yourself which you do not want you tend to make it unconscious to get rid of it. When it is activated in any way at another time it can appear to belong to someone else. You see the something that you do not want but it appears outside your self. It appears in another person. This is what causes you to blame others. Blame is saying "I do not want this to be!"

If someone is blaming you, realize that no matter what you have done or not done the blame is coming from the hidden consciousness of the person who is doing the blaming.


If you are blaming others,
1. Write down all the things you are blaming them for.

2. Realize that the other person is reflecting your hidden consciousness to you just as a mirror reflects your physical image.

What you are blaming them for is the part of you that you do not want. You have attempted to get rid of it by hiding it. This is why you are seeing it in others. If this were not so, you would not be finding anything in the other to blame them for.

This realization will give you an understanding of why you blame and why other people blame you.

The hidden judgments can be removed.
A belief changing process to do so will be found at the end of this book. You can use it on yourself or have another do it for you or consult a trained practitioner.