Take conscious control of the situation or help the other take conscious control of the situation if it is their injury that you are helping with

Do this first

1. Put the body in exactly the same position as it was when it was hurt--e.g. if you bumped your leg on a piece of furniture, put the spot on your leg that was hurt back in touch with the spot on the furniture, but gently this time! (Turn off and cool down any stove, radiator, power tool etc. that was instrumental in causing the injury).

2. Take it away.

3. Repeat 1. and 2. many times (the pain may get a little worse before getting much less)

The reduction of pain from this procedure is due to the following facts. We tend to withdraw our attention from an area of pain, which leaves the pain "stored away", prolonging it and causing future problems.

Additional relief

1. Touch with the finger, various spots around the wounded area, allowing each "touch" to be felt.
(If you are doing this for someone else get them to close their eyes and to let you know when they feel your finger each time.)

2. Treat each side of the body. So if the left leg is injured, touch a spot on the right leg (and make sure it has been felt), and then touch the same spot on the left leg. Right leg, left leg, right leg, left leg, on so on, each time a different spot around the injury.

3. Gradually get closer to the injured area until you are touching it. If the skin is broken, or stitches are required, get the medical work done, or cover with a dressing as appropriate before touching the wound itself.

4. Continue touching around the area, to and from the area, until there is a marked improvement for the person.

If the person is still obviously emotionally distressed, see "UNWANTED EMOTION"