Conflict occurs when more than one person is determined to be the only one who is right AND is determined to believe that the other or others is or are wrong.

Right and wrong can be different for each and every individual.

In relation to some activities it has been found that the desired result can be obtained more easily, more quickly or otherwise more effectively by doing and or thinking in a particular way. Some call these particular ways "right" when actually, the "right" way is usually the most effective way. For example it is considered right to look both ways before crossing the street. It is just that it is usually safer to do so.

When we agree for a long period of time that particular ways are "right" we sometimes forget that they are only methods which work that we have agreed upon.

All other ways can also be right.

Conflict is usually produced when someone asserts that there is only one way that is right.

Conflict can be resolved by
1. Agreeing to accept that there is a difference in viewpoint of what is right.

Or it can resolved by
2. One or more people willingly changing their opinion and agreeing to accept another's rightness as their own.

It cannot ever be resolved by force, effort to force, or unwilling change of viewpoint or opinion.