(can't stop)

Don't try to stop.
1. Increase the intensity of the feeling that seems to be with you in your grief. Intensify it to the maximum.

2. Fill containers with it. See how many containers you can fill with it!

As you proceed,
3. Check what other feelings might be present with the grief: unexpressed anger, perhaps, or self pity or sympathy. These may relate to yourself, or to another.

4. Intensify these feelings, and fill more containers. You won't run out of containers! There are as many imaginary containers as you need. Use your will to make sure you do intensify each set of feelings, and to make sure you put them all in the containers.

When you have completed this,
5. Have your higher self, or Someone more than you, transform it all into sparkling white light, and slowly pour that sparkling white light into you.

If you find that you are crying because of something you consider sad about someone else, fill them with white light until they are positively glowing, and do the same for yourself.

This remedy will work unless you leave some of the unwanted feelings not intensified, and not put into the containers. It will work best if you are not still experiencing self-pity, or are not trying to show others how they have wronged you.