There is a form of depression that you will need professional help with. If you have it you will not be looking in this book to help yourself.

The most common causes of depression are long-term, suppressed anger or suppressed hurt. Although these are the cause of eighty percent of depression, the anger or hurt will long ago have been lost to the sight of the sufferer.

Anger is a basic and natural human emotion, which can be healthily expressed through a simple process. (See ANGER ). If expressed inappropriately, it can obviously have harmful effects on relationships. If suppressed, it can seriously affect the body and it depress you.

When you feel depressed,
1. Find the earliest time that you can remember feeling that way.

2. Feel the depression as though you were there at that time, at the age you were then.

3. Ask who it is that you are angry with, (or by what or whom you were hurt.)
The answer may be yourself.

If it is anger,
4. Feel the anger. Feel it more. Feel it as intensely as you can, and let it flow.

5. Flow it into containers, turn it into white sparkling light and pour it into you.

6. Allow yourself to fully feel any hurt that arises. Really let it be there, let it build up and up until it is all there with you, intensely.

7. Flow it into containers,
and treat as for anger above.

If you cannot find anger or hurt, ask yourself whether there was an earlier time that you felt that same depression. Don't try to remember a time. Ask if it is there, and then wait patiently to see if it comes to you. It will if you just let it. Then proceed as above.

Some depressions can reached a stage where professional assistance is required.