Consciousness exists, whether it is focused through a physical body or not. Death is a cessation of physical experience. This may occur after a long, or a short life.

The transition from life to death, as we normally describe those states, can be just as exciting and pleasurable as any other planned change through our conscious existence. There can be more pain and suffering in birth and in life than there is in death.

The expectations of a being (person) determine what that being experiences at death, as in life! If a certain being expects to go to heaven after dying, that is what they will experience. If a being expects to be reborn, they will experience that reality.

Persons also are influenced by the emotions and expectations of others. Subconscious expectations which oppose what they prefer, or doubts about what they prefer can make the transition through death very difficult. Someone not wanting them to go, or grieving about the loss may also make it difficult.

It is most valuable and helpful to a being who is dying to allow them to go when they want to go, and to encourage them in their expectations and desires for the life beyond transition. Above all, they should be assured that they will not be causing difficulties for others by going, so that they don't feel that it is wrong to go. Love and reassurance make the passage easier.

Because death is the cessation of physical feeling, the withdrawal of the consciousness which is focused through a body, it is not difficult for a caring person nearby to feel when that withdrawal occurs.