An example of such a fearful experience would be an operation.

Sit quietly, and
1. Look at your life situation right now as if it were a movie.

2. Stop the movie at the present moment.

Ask yourself
3. What am I afraid might happen?
Play a movie, having what you fear actually happen.
See it in as much detail as you can.
Feel it as much as you can.
Play it until whatever you fear is completed.

4. Leave the movie, and go back to the point, where you stopped it the movie of your life.

5. Play another movie in which something worse happens.

6. Play a third movie in which something even worse than that happens.

7. Play a fourth in which the worst possible things that could ever happen occur.

8. Play the movie that contained your fear, again.

9. Play a movie about a future that you wouldn't mind occurring.

10. Play one with something that you'd very much like to have happen.

These movies are the possible futures which you could have.

11. Choose a future from the movies that you have created. If you think about another future you'd rather have while you are following this process, just play it through like the above movies before making your choice.

12. Go back to where you stopped the movie of your life,

13. Start it again, joining it to the future movie you have chosen.

14. Step back from your imagination into reality.

If there is still fear, it is from a different cause. Locate this one, and handle it in the same way.