Most people forgive most others.

Many people who can forgive others cannot forgive themselves.

What is forgiveness?

It is accepting that something has happened that you would have preferred did not happen or it is accepting that something did not happen that you would have chosen to happen.

The time in which these happenings should have happened or should not have happened is past. That time no longer exists.

Have you ever changed the past by continuing to want it to be different? Has anyone? Has anyone changed the present or the future by wanting to change the past?

When you say that you find it hard to forgive you maybe saying that you did not approve and you are therefore going to make your feeling of disapproval continue in present time.

It is only the feeling that you can keep in present time.

Maybe you want to punish someone or maybe you want revenge. This is causing more unpleasant feelings for you to feel. You can have them exist in the present and even into the future. It is a matter of choice.


1. Hold a piece of paper in two fingers.

2. Now decide to let go. Did you?

3. Hold a feeling.

4. Feel that feeling as much as you can.

5. Decide to let it go. Now let it go. Did you?

If there is any of that feeling left keep repeating 3, 4 & 5 until you let it all go.

Forgiveness is letting the past be the past and creating the present which you prefer, now. What you create in the present creates your future.

If you now can forgive others but are still beating up on yourself have a look at the idea of being fair. Would the person you admire most forgive one person and not the other?

Your universe is being created by aspects of yourself . Accept yourself. When you can truly accept yourself there will not be the need to forgive.