Headaches have a variety of causes. Some of them are physical, as when you damage your neck or back alignment, or when your posture ensures that nerves are constantly being pinched. There will even be a some relief for these headaches from the following.


1. Locate where you consider the pain is.

2. Feel it.

3. Describe how it feels.

4. Describe the actual size of the pain in, or on, the head.

5. Locate the centre of the pain.

6. Move the centre at least 1 cm in the direction that you feel will be easiest.

7. Move it in another direction.

8. Continue doing this until you feel you can move it, little by little, to the edge of, and then away from your head.

Another Method.


1. Locate the pain as above

2. Perceive its colour.
You may see, sense, feel, or just know it. Some people can perceive its tone, as a sound, more easily. If you prefer, identify it that way.

3. Make it lighter in colour (or higher in pitch).

4. Locate exactly where it is again, and make it even lighter.

5. Do this until it is white.
When it becomes white, the headache goes.

If you are perceiving it as sound,
5a. Continue until the pitch has risen beyond audibility--then some more--until it is not sound, at all. The headache goes.

Some Variations


1. Hold your hand on the surface (or above the surface--you choose) of the head, near the pain. Imagine your hand as the source of bright white light.

2. Imagine the white light being poured into your head by your higher self.


Imagine a beam of bright, white light coming in to the top of your head from an infinite source, and flood your head with it.


Decide to feel that pain as intensely as you can. Create it as intensely as you can. Feel it as intensely as you can.
When you cease to resist the pain it can go.