1. Stop. Stop everything you are doing. Stop thinking.

Ask yourself,
2. "What am I going to do, at the end of my lifetime, with the minutes or hours that I save by hurrying?

3. Write what it is that you are saving all this time for.
Don't just read this and think the answer. Sit down and answer it fully.

4. Decide and write down which things YOU feel are really important for YOU to do
--during the next few minutes
--during today
--during tomorrow
--the next day
--next week
--at the end of life when you stop hurrying
--right now.

The only time at which YOU actually experience your life is right NOW.

If you want to feel happy it must be right NOW. If you want to look at happy memories you must look at them right NOW. If you want a happy future you are creating it right NOW by what you are being right NOW. (You can be a hurrier or a time saver if you choose to be that.)

When you are hurried you are concerned with the amount of "doing" you are doing, and you want to do it all right now. In twenty years from now, what will you have achieved by trying to do it all at once apart from feeling stressed and anxious about time?

Wouldn't you rather choose your feelings and experiences?

Wouldn't you rather HAVE time?

You are the only one who can create YOUR time.