This can be a devastating feeling that prevents you from doing anything in life. There are causes, which need professional help to resolve.

As a first aid,

Ask yourself,
1. Who has set the standard of what is good, that I am measuring myself against? Using pen and paper, answer this question as fully as you can, from all past and present experience.

Realize that good and bad are as you see good and bad.

2. Are you trying to mould yourself according to someone else's standard of acceptability?

3. When was the earliest time you did that?

We will handle the feeling, for the feeling is yours, the judgment may not be.


1. Create all the feelings that go with not good enough.

2. Create them as intensely as you can.

3. Put all the feelings that you can find that go with "not good enough" into a container labeled with the words "not good enough."

4. Change them into bright, sparkling white light. This light now represents "being as good as you choose." Pour this light into you, and feel the difference!