You are, or someone else is, in the middle of such a big problem that nothing else seems to exist. It is so big that it is all that they can see--and they see it, of course, from the inside.

1. What is the problem (or situation, or condition)? so that you have a name for it--for example, "the problem with my boyfriend."

Now ask
2. What problem (situation or condition) would be worse than .................. e.g. "the problem with my boyfriend."

They may say that nothing could be worse.
Ask them to
3. Imagine anything at all that could be worse.

4. Get an answer.

5. Acknowledge and accept the answer.

Ask again
6. What problem (situation or condition) would be worse than ..................(the original one).

7. Repeat this question, getting different answers.
Do this until the original very large problem is now much smaller.

Now, it can be handled.

If you feel smaller than a pebble, it becomes a mountain. It is much easier to handle a pebble than a mountain.

Additional Step.

You could ask for solutions to be created for each of the problems that are worse than the one being experienced.