It appears that you are being sabotaged and that your experiences are being created by a malevolent source.

This can be true. The way to handle it is not:
1. To resist it or get angry about it.
2. To fight it or to defend self.
3. To hide from it or escape it.
These actions encourage it to affect you.

Step aside and allow the energy from that other to go past you. Allow it to be their energy. If you do nothing at all but realise that there is some energy there, to accept or reject, it will not affect you.

If it does still affect you there is something else that is happening here.

It means that you already have within you some of what you are receiving from the other. This allows it to reach you. You attract it!

These things within you could be beliefs which allow it to be as it is [such as those of deserving it] or more often, YOU have caused another to experience what you are now experiencing.


1. Feel the feelings that you are receiving.

2. Ask yourself "When have I caused another to feel exactly as I now feel?"

3. Feel the feelings that you caused.

4. Get as many other times as you can when you caused others to feel those feelings.

5. Feel the feelings that you caused. Feel them as intensely as you can.

6. Know you are responsible for causing them. [owning them is the only way to control them]

7. Let them go! Another way of saying this is forgive yourself.

8. As you do the above, know that you will change, i.e., you won't create those feelings for others any more.

This should remove that which allows you to receive the Psychic attack. If not you have missed something so do it all again as thoroughly as you can.