Revenge is an attempt to show how displeased or angry you are because of something that another has done. You consider that they have harmed you. You do not know how to express your anger nor how to 'make right' the hurt you feel.

If you consider that you will feel better once the other person shares your anger and hurt and therefore plan to cause them to share it by doing something that angers and hurts them you are then creating two lots of anger and hurt.

You will each have two lots of it then. Because ALL of the anger and hurt that you give and receive is stored in your conscious and/or subconscious memory. It may also be stored by the other person in their memory.

Do your really enjoy anger and hurt so much as to create it and to store it in your reality? If you did you would welcome that which you have received. As you say you don't welcome it then do not create more. You will be affected by what you create.

Handle your anger as explained elsewhere in this book and handle your hurt as explained in "Unwanted Emotions."