If you are lost in self-pity,

Ask yourself
1. Whose attention do I want?

Then ask,
2. When?

3. Who am I trying to punish?

Then ask,
4. When?

Just let answers come. It may surprise you.

Now, ask yourself
5. Do I enjoy giving attention to someone else who is feeling sorry for themselves.

If your answer is "No,"
6. Decide what kind of person you do prefer to be with, and give your attention to.

If you are trying to punish someone,
7. Look and see whether they are really being punished by your self-pity. Who is it that is feeling bad?

When these things have been resolved,
8. Find out who you were angry with before you felt sorry for yourself.

9. Transform the feeling of self-pity into the anger that you did not acknowledge, and feel it.

If you don't want this anger,
10. Release it as in "UNWANTED EMOTION."