loved one

If the sickness of another causes you worry and fear you can become weak and ineffective. No-one is helped in this way.

What people create is what exists. If you are happy and I am happy we have two lots of happiness. That seems OK. If I am unhappy and you become unhappy then we have two lots of unhappiness. That does not seem so good. It will not create happiness for anyone.

If someone is sick, and you put your attention on the sickness, there are two lots of sickness. So the first thing to do is take your attention off how sick they are, and put all your attention on future health.

If there is something constructive you can do, then do it.

Sympathy is sharing sadness. It makes more sadness.

Understanding what is happening for the other and quietly being supportive with calm thoughts gives strength and aids healing.

1. Focus on the person and imagine you are flowing white light into their body. Imagine it flowing especially into areas that need healing.

If you can be with the person,
2. Put your hand on them gently, and flow the white light through your hand to them.

Do not feel any feeling that you do not wish to create for them whilst doing this. Positive thoughts of peace and joy and love can help them to heal.