There is some danger, sitting in front of the TELEVISION for any length of time. You get mainly the unpleasant aspects of life presented as "news", as certain current affairs programs, in police shows, and the like. As you sit watching this unpleasant material, you may have sympathy, anger and other emotions stimulated. You may also blame people for some of what you see.

This can make you very unhappy, frustrated, angry and feel you are powerless.

Realize that although you are big enough, powerful enough to control your TELEVISION set, you do not have the power to make the whole world right for those suffering on your TELEVISION.

Now, realize that you are part of it all. You are a part of the ALL, and you are connected to every part that comes to your attention. Because you are connected, you can help.

You can change all that is wrong with the world as it appears to you in your consciousness.

It is the aggregate of the (greed, for example) of all of us that creates all the greed that is in the world. So as we reduce our own conscious and subconscious level of greed, that is not just one less greedy person, it is less greed in the entire world. (The power and importance of this simple principle is amazing.)

1. Write down everything you can find that is wrong with the world, and the beliefs that might have caused each wrong thing.

2. Preface each belief with "I."

3. Write the positive belief alongside.

You will have a list like:



I am greedy I am generous
I am cruel I am kind
I'm the only one who is right Etc.

4. Realize that you are programmed with both these opposites, and that your negative side has been hidden.

This will already produce some relief.

You can clear these negative beliefs completely if you wish. Firstly relax and go deep within.

Close your eyes when allowing the subconscious to present you with its material.

5. Go to the earliest time you formed the belief............. (I am cruel).
With the thought of being there your subconscious IS there you do not have to DO anything

6. Create the feelings that go with that belief. Create them intensely. Create them as intensely as you can, and bring them to a peak of intensity. When you get them to a peak, they will flow.

7. Put them into a container, and see the words
e.g. (I am cruel) going into the container.

8. When all the feelings and the words of the belief are in the container, put the lid on, and put it out of your universe.

9. Create the positive belief for yourself, and create the feelings that go with that belief. As you do so, see yourself writing that belief.

10. Repeat the process for each negative belief you have found.

When you have replaced each with its positive equivalent, conclude the exercise with "the 33 second technique".

The 33 Second Technique.

1. Feel the good feelings, and visualize yourself with the positive beliefs creating your new reality and the improved world situation.

2. Desire this. Expect it. Imagine it.

3. Desire, expect, and imagine it more.

3. Build desire, expectation and imagination to a peak. (This will take thirty three seconds)

4. Let the picture go!