The following techniques are given in the briefest form. There is a course available to teach these techniques and there is a book which outlines them for you in much greater detail



To use with another
To use Solo


In some of the first aid sections, exercises to help find particular beliefs were outlined. You may have reached this section and have found no beliefs to practice with.

There are many ways of locating the hidden limiting negative beliefs. Here is one way.

Whatever one blames another or others for is a hidden limiting belief in oneself. If you are a parent you will find plenty in what you blame your children for, especially when you are stressed or frustrated. We pass them down from parent to child.

If you write them down and change them in you, you benefit all generations. Write them as belonging to "I." Six to eight are enough for your first session.


I am naughty
I don't deserve
I must do as I am told
I am dumb

then work out the preferred belief by having it as near as possible the opposite of the unwanted one (without using negatives).


I am naughty . . . . . I am good now
I don't deserve . . . . . I deserve now
I must do as I'm told . . . . . I decide what I do
I am dumb . . . . . I am bright now

Now you have a list. You can have someone change them for you or do it yourself.


This technique is from Mark Jones' book Realizing Our Dreams.

I have put it into my words. I will assume in giving the procedure that you are using this technique on someone else and then tell you about doing it solo.

Prepare for the session

Have a list of beliefs that are to be changed with those that they are to be changed to written opposite them.

Alcohol within 24 hours and drugs within one week make this technique very difficult. It may not be possible to use it. If you need to have a first aid session and you have taken drugs or alcohol within these time periods you may need to repeat the session later.

Make sure you have drunk enough water.

Make sure that you will not be interrupted--put a do-not-disturb sign on door, take phone off hook, etc.

The person doing the session makes sure the person having the session is relaxed by using a guided meditation. Use the one following (or one you are already familiar with):

Lie or sit in a position in which you can relax completely without going to sleep.

"Let the body cells relax. They know how to relax. Let them relax with the thought of doing so. Start with your feet. Let them relax. Let go. Now let your ankles relax and as they relax, relax the calves of your legs. As you let the relaxation flow into your knees allow any suppressed anger or resentment flow away from you. Let your knees relax. Let your thighs relax and let your pelvic area relax. Let the organs there relax with the thought of them doing so. Let your abdomen relax and let its organs relax. Let you chest relax. As you let your lungs relax they will breathe more evenly and deeply and as your heart relaxes it will beat strongly and rhythmically. Now let your shoulders relax. Let the relaxation flow down your arms and let your hands relax and let each finger relax. Let the relaxation start again in the shoulders and this time move down the spine till it is completely relaxed. Feel the relaxation again in the shoulders and now let it move upward and relax the neck-front and back. Let your head relax. Feel each of the many muscles of your scalp relax. Let your jaw relax, let you mouth relax top lip and bottom lip, and now your cheeks and your nose forehead eyebrows and then your eyes and eye lids. Let go and let it all relax. As I count from 5 to 1 allow your self to drift into a deeper state of relaxation; a deeper state of consciousness. Five . . . . four . . . . three . . . . . two . . . . . one(said slowly).

Imagine you are in a place where you can enter the earth, through a cave and a tunnel or down a staircase in and old mansion or into an opening in the trunk of an old tree or any other way that you choose. Enter the earth and go deeper within, deeper, deeper. Feel the safety as you go deeper within. You come out into a large cavern where everything you have ever owned is stored and you see it all covered in dust. On the other side of that cavern is and old person with white hair. This is your helper. Go to your helper and ask, "Which is the way to the room of beliefs?" Your helper points down the passage and you see light coming from under a door. You thank your helper before moving down to the door. You see written on it "Room of Beliefs." You open it and go inside. You are in a brilliantly lit room. There is a table on one end of the table is a brass container with a flame in it and there are pens pencils small cards and on the other end a large book. You go over to the book and see written on it in gold, "My Beliefs."

1. Open the book. You see written there ............................... (here you read, clearly, the first of the beliefs to be changed)

(You now command the subconscious mind and it will obey instantly:)
2. Go to the earliest time you formed the belief ............................ (say the belief )

3. Create the feelings that go with the belief ............................. (say the belief allow enough time to do this) Feel them.

4. Create those feelings more. Feel them more.

5. Create them as intensely as you can.

6. When you have created them as intensely as you can put all the feeling energy in the container.
(allow sufficient time)

7. Write VOID across the page. (Make sure you both know the meaning of the word 'void' before the session)

8. Tear it out. Scrunch it up and throw it into the container and watch it all go up in smoke until it is all gone.
All gone.
( it helps to put a line through the negative belief on the sheet of paper)

9. On the clean page that is now in front of you write ........................................ (here you read out the positive belief slowly--at writing speed)

10. Create the state of consciousness that goes with the belief ................................... (say the belief)

11. Feel all the feelings you choose to have that go with the belief ...................................... (say the belief and allow enough time for it to be done)

12. Pick up a small card and write on it .......................... (say the belief at writing speed)

13. Keep creating those good feelings as you put the card in your pocket.

14. Turn the page. It says ............................ (say the next belief to be changed)

Continue changing the beliefs you have listed using steps 2 to 14 until they are all changed.

15. I am going to bring you back and you will open your eyes on the count of five and not before.

One, coming back bringing with you all the feelings that go with .....................................
(read each of the new beliefs)

Two, coming up coming back, three, four and five. Open you eyes.

You may need to gently help the person orient by saying "Notice the wall." "Notice the floor." "Feel the air on your body" etc., giving as much time as they need to do each of these. You will notice when they are fully with you.

Do the 33 second technique

The 33 Second Technique

1. Feel the good feelings, and visualize yourself with the positive beliefs already creating your new reality

2. Desire this. Expect it. Imagine it.

3. Desire, expect, and imagine it more.

4. Build desire, expectation and imagination to a peak. (This will take thirty three seconds)

5. Let the picture go!

Do this at least once a day and you will find things changing.


The above technique can be used solo but needs to be learned first so that you do not have to think about or read the steps. You can learn by practicing. Practice on a toy an animal or if you have someone who is interested, on another person.

Once you are familiar with the technique you can do it for yourself just as you do for the other person. You may tell yourself what to do either aloud or silently. You will soon be able to open your eyes to see the beliefs on the list without coming out of the meditative state.

Alternatively you can tape the session for yourself and then go through it with your finger on the pause button of the player to give you time to do each step.

It would make it easier to begin with a session with a trained person either before you begin or after you have learned the technique.