not enough of it

Your problem is NOT "not enough time". It cannot be, because all the time you experience is the time that you create. You create time by causing or allowing things to change. If nothing and I mean nothing ever changed for you, you would have no concept of time at all. It would all be the same. Nothing would ever happen.

It is your ability to decide upon the rate at which change occurs in relation to yourself that determines whether or not you have enough time.

When you feel that you do not have enough time, have a look at what is happening.


1. Are you trying to stop something from changing?

2. Are you trying to force something to change?

3. Are you allowing someone or something other than you to decide what you do and when you do it?

When you have decided which of these it is
4. Make a decision to take control of just one part of your life that has been controlling you.

5. Do it, and allow the changes that you choose.

Hidden limiting beliefs may be affecting your time.

Beliefs which affect change affect your ability to have time, particularly those that enforce or inhibit change.

So, you see, hours don't really measure time. They are a convenience (sometimes!) for coordinating events, just as latitude and longitude co-ordinate and compare your position on the earth.