Happiness is not necessarily dependent upon outside happenings.

You can make it dependent upon outside happenings if you choose to do so. Some people choose to do so without being aware that they are making that choice.

1. Think of something that you choose to like or look at something that you could choose to like. It may be a colour, a shape, an object, an emptiness or a fullness of something; anything that pleases you.

2. Now, with your attention on what you have chosen, feel what it would feel like to be happy.

When you are focusing on the things that you do not want or when you are focusing on what you do not have you find it difficult to create the feeling of happiness.

So your unhappiness can be changed by changing that upon which you are focusing and by creating the feeling that you know is happiness.

Your problem is not unhappiness it is the problem of making your life as you choose it to be.

You life can be as you consciously choose when you remove the limiting beliefs which are affecting your choices from the subconscious.