1. Imagine that you are surrounded by containers.

2. Look at the unwanted emotion--like fear, hate, anger, grief, or even something that you are feeling that hasn't a name.

3. Let yourself feel it.

4. Create it, and feel it intensely.

5. Feel it as intensely as you possibly can.

As it reaches maximum intensity it will want to go somewhere.
6. Put it in a container.

7. Look for more of that same unwanted emotion that may still be there, and follow the same process of feeling it intensely and then putting it into a container.

8. As you create the feeling, words, ideas and images may come. Put these into the container too.

9. When it is all put into containers, and you cannot find any more, imagine that you are much bigger than your body. Imagine that you are your own Higher Self, and magically turn all the contents of the containers into bright, joyously sparkling white light.
See it sparkle!

10. Pour all that sparkling white light into yourself. Let the brightness and joy fill every cell of your body. If you are taking someone else through this process, you will feel the light.

Do not hurry. Take all the time you like. Enjoy the whole experience to the full.