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 Roll-up solar cells
New Scientist:

Imagine wearing a jacket or rucksack that charges up your mobile phone while you take a walk. Or a tent whose flysheet charges batteries all day so campers can have light all night. Or a roll-out plastic sheet you can place on a car's rear window shelf to power a child's DVD player.

Such applications could soon become a reality thanks to a light, flexible solar panel that is a little thicker than photographic film and can easily be applied to everyday fabrics. The thin, bendy solar panels, which could be on the market within three years, are the fruit of a three-nation European Union research project called H-Alpha Solar (H-AS).
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 Straw into Ethanol
picture CBC News:
OTTAWA - After more than 20 years and $110-million worth of research, a Canadian company has found a way to make "greener" gasoline on a commercial scale.

Iogen Corporation of Ottawa has developed enzymes to break down waste straw and wood chips into ethanol on a commercial scale.

"This is our big Eureka moment, because this is the first time in the world that such large quantities of cellulose ethanol have been made," said Jeff Passmore, vice president of Iogen on Wednesday, the eve of Earth Day.

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