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 DNA Computing
picture From Future Hi: As the lines between real and manufactured continue to blur, and science approaches finer and finer resolutions down to the subatomic scale, emergent technologies are rapidly evolving to radically alter the way humans interact with Nature. Increasingly we are wresting the fundamental tools of creation from the hands of the gods and employing them for our own purposes. A prime example is the discovery that DNA computers can be used to solve extremely complex mathematical problems much more readily than their silicon counterparts. This ingenious bit of repurposing appears to have many practical applications, as noted in the article cited below. But perhaps far more importantly, DNA computing represents a powerful element contributing to the relentless information feedback loop, coiling more & more tightly towards a
dramatic shift in the way humanity regards itself. Nature helps us build better computers, better computers help us build more accurate models of nature and plumb the depths of matter which, in turn, allow us to build even better computers. Information feeds itself. Technology is rapidly accelerating, hurtling us towards a not-too-distant future where the human imagination will manifest itself everywhere in Nature. ...
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 Closer to teleportation
Yahoo via FUTUREdition:
It seems that the teleportation of science-fiction stories has gotten one step closer to becoming reality. A multinational group of researchers in Australia have demonstrated the ability to share information via teleportation using quantum physics. Teleportation is defined as the production, disembodiment, and successful reconstruction of a signal, which in this case was a high frequency sound to three participants. The research team used a laser to teleport a signal to a network of scientists that could only be reassembled when a majority of the recipients were present. Any less and the signal cannot be reconstituted. The research has piqued the interest of many large corporations eager to develop unbreakable codes, superfast computers, and communications that would be inaccessible to cybercriminals.

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