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 When community intelligence becomes market intelligence...
From Blog of Collective Intelligence: Have you ever wondered what is common in “community intelligence,” "swarm intelligence," "smart mobs" and "tipping points"? According to market intelligence guru, Britton Manasco, they are all about a “drift toward potential innovations that draw on the unspoken and unanticipated knowledge of today's (and tomorrow's) customers.”
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 The Wisdom of Crowds
Via Blog of Collective Intelligence, about "The Wisdom of Crowds" by James Surowiecki:
"If four basic conditions are met, a crowd's ‘collective intelligence’ will produce better outcomes than a small group of experts, Surowiecki says, even if members of the crowd don't know all the facts or choose, individually, to act irrationally. ‘Wise crowds’ need (1) diversity of opinion; (2) independence of members from one another; (3) decentralization; and (4) a good method for aggregating opinions.”

In the Q&A, Surowiecki says: “the people in the crowd need to be independent, so that they pay attention mostly to their own information, and not worrying about what everyone around them thinks.” The examples he gives are:

“On the one hand, big organizations--like a company or a government agency--count as crowds. And so do small groups, like a team of scientists working on a problem. But just as interested--maybe even more interested--in groups that aren't really aware themselves as groups, like bettors on a horse race or investors in the stock market.”

That raises an interesting questions. Can collective intelligence really be created from individuals acting at their the common denominator of greed and personal gain at the expense of others?

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 Removing barriers to the emergence of collective consciousness
From Blog of Collective Intelligence: At the end of his feature on the Mystery of Collective Intelligence, in the May-July 2004 issue of “What Is Enlightenment?” magazine, Craig Hamilton asked: “What would it take for us to remove any barriers to the emergence of collective consciousness, not just as an occasional peak experience but as a permanent ongoing capacity?”

That question comes on the last of 24 pages filled with stories of small groups experiencing spontaneous irruptions of collective consciousness—described in very evocative images by their participants—and interviews with pioneers of the collective intelligence and wisdom movement. It is breathtaking survey and vista of this rapidly emerging field, that I recommend to all readers of this blog to visit.
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 Collective consciousness: a peer to peer phenomenon?
From Blog of Collective Intelligence: I woke up in the middle of the night after a very inspiring dinner conversation with a friend. I woke up from deep sleep, a state of consciousness, in which there’s only the formless ground of being, the source of all forms.

“So as the body goes to sleep, the subtle mind and soul appear vividly in dreams, visions, images, ad occasionally archetypal illumiations—the typical dreaming state. At some point the subtle then also goes to sleep—the mind goes to sleep, the soul goes to sleep—and that leaves only formlessness, or deep dreamless sleep, which is actually the Witness or primordial Self in its own naked nature, with no objects of any sort.” (One Taste by Ken Wilber)

An intriguing after-the-fact awareness of that state has been occurring with increasing frequency in the last couple of weeks. It’s like as if I lent my body’s CPU to a higher form of intelligence to use it for whatever it wants it; my reward is getting glimpses of its intent, just by sensing--in the minutes of waking up--what has just passed through that CPU in the deep, dreamless sleep.

I’m wondering whether that higher intelligence, our collective consciousess, is not a “peer to peer” phenomenon, in which each of us is not only a filter or switch for one another as Nova Spivack wrote in his The Metaweb: The Global Mind Just Got Smarter but also processors for the collective consciousness of Emergence itself. Can it be that we are sharing “files” created by It, and doing so, we’re giving a distributed yet increasingly coherent voice to It, each of us with the unique timbre that we are? It is delightful to notice (online ad off-line) that there are more and more of us picking up the tune :-)

Whether that collective consciousess is a p-2-p phenomenon or not, accessing--and reading it with some degree of reliability--certaily is. See "Step 3. Comparing notes" in The emergence of CI, an online experiment.
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 Different types of emergence?
From Blog of Collective Intelligence: Regarding the questions of emergence, Ken Wilber has a very interesting and powerful distinction between 'individual holons' and 'social holons'. Each of them clearly illustrate 2 different types of emergence.

Here is what he says in an interview:
Briefly: individual holons are holons with a subjective interior (prehension, awareness, consciousness); they have a defining pattern (code, agency, regime) that emerges spontaneously from within (autopoietic); and they have four drives (agency, communion, eros, agape). Examples of individual holons (or compound individuals) include quarks, atoms, molecules, cells, organisms....

Social holons emerge when individual holons commune; they also have a defining pattern (agency or regime), but they do not have a subjective consciousness; instead, they have distributed or intersubjective consciousness. Examples include galaxies, planets, crystals, ecosystems, families, tribes, communities.... Both individual and social are holons, and they both follow the twenty tenets. Actually, individual and social holons are not different entities, but different aspects of all holons, since all holons have an interior and an exterior in singular and plural forms (the four quadrants), but they are indeed different aspects that cannot be merely equated.
.... [Read whole interview]
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 Exploring the the next step in human evolution
From Blog of Collective Intelligence: Could collective intelligence be the foundation for the next social and spiritual revolution?"

Craig did it! Craig Hamilton, one of the four editors of the "What Is Enlightenment?" magazine pulled together an amazing issue on collective intelligence. The magazine's website says:

In our May 2004 issue, Craig Hamilton's groundbreaking feature, Come Together: The Mystery of Collective Intelligence introduces you to pioneers who are discovering that wholes are far more than the sum of their parts. When individuals unite in a shared intention, something mysterious comes into being—with capacities and intelligences that far transcend those of the individuals involved."

The collective intelligence pioneers who gave interviews that you can listen to at that site include:

- Juanita Brown
- Tom Atlee featured also in this blog, here and there
- Rupert Sheldrake
- C. Otto Scharmer
- Chris Bache

There's also a list of CI-related books organized by these categories:

* The Art of Dialogue
* Socio-Cultural Studies on Collectivity
* New Order of Business & Leadership
* The Science of Collectivity
* Spirituality & Collective Consciousness

To absorb the richness of materials in this issue will take loooong time.... If interested readers of this blog want to engage with the those pioneers, you can just click on their name, listen to the interview, then come back here to share the questions and insights that they provoked.
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