World Transformation: Proof that the 'force' really is with us
 Proof that the 'force' really is with us
26 Apr 2004 @ 07:36, by ming

From Sounding Circle: Proof that the 'force' really is with us
Ai Lin Choo
Vancouver Sun

The ideas behind Star Wars, The X-Files and an assortment of other psychic films and shows may not be so far-fetched after all.

According to a new study on visual perception, the "force" is possibly inherent in all of us, although we can't see it.

For the many who sometimes walk into a room and feel that something is not quite right, the answer may lie in a sub-system of our visual experience, says Ronald Rensink, University of B.C. associate professor in psychology and computer science.

"Basically visual perception then is two parts. It's got the sort of pictures we all know and love, and then we've got this other thing, this feeling, this using the force, this sensing stream, and they work in parallel, I think. They both operate at the same time," he said.

While you may not see anything, Rensink says the "sixth sense" or as he calls it, "mindsight," is basically another kind of vision where people can sense a change and have a visual experience of it.

He explains that "mindsight" differs from our usual concept of psychic phenomena because people have to keep their eyes open to employ this mode of visual perception.

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