World Transformation: Leap Forward or Perish
 Leap Forward or Perish
picture 19 May 2004 @ 16:26, by ming

From Synergic Earth News: Barry Carter writes: As we look at the animal world and all of nature we see lose/win. One animal must die in order for another to live. Eat or be eaten is the rule. Within groups of animals there is a control hierarchy and pecking order, just like society and companies. Lion prides continuously battle for territory with other lion prides and hyena packs. This battling occurs with what appears to be the same fierce hatred as that which we've witnessed between racial, religious and ethic groups. This is the reality from whence we evolved. Though advanced society is separate from this activity, our paradigm and social institutions still reflect this reality. Lose/win then is our evolved reality from millions of years of evolution. With lose/win being our reality, how is it possible to change this reality? ... In order to see the win-win before us we must take a leap forward out of the lose/win reality from where we evolved. We must "see things differently." We must have a miracle "a shift in our perceptions; a metanoia " a shift of mind. It is possible because our expectations create reality. This can happen in many ways. Mass privatization can help us see the win-win reality because of the directness and practical reality of the win-win structure. (02/25/04)

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