World Transformation: Abraham on Lack
 Abraham on Lack
2 May 2004 @ 09:00, by ming

Esther Hicks channels a group of spiritual teachers who call themselves Abraham. Here they talk about the experience of lack. Via SoundingCircle.
In all the time space realities we have ever focused, the only species that we know of in all of that that believes in lack is the human physical beings....

If you step back into the broader view, you understand that everything that is physical is an extension of nonphysical energy. And as you understand that the nonphysical energy is continuous. In other words, everything is moving forward. Everything is becoming more. Law of attraction says that it must. So when you understand that there is this endless source and that the only thing that even remotely relates to the feeling that you call waste is the disallowance of this energy...

When the energy does not flow, the absence of the light exists. Now that absence of the light you could call lack, but it has been imposed by the physical human who stopped it from flowing or who didn't summon it to begin with, but it's existence, it's potential is always there for you. So the only thing that even remotely resembles this feeling of lack, shortage, in other words not enough time, not enough money, all this not enoughness is the very resistance we've been talking about. It's the contradictory thought that disallows the energy from flowing but it does not mean that the source was not there.

If you were standing at Niagara Falls and someone explained to you that this is your source of abundance. Wellness flows in this amazing flow. Wellness, clarity, dollars, is all flowing to you in this Niagara Falls, and these falls are yours and yours alone to use in whatever way you are wanting in this lifetime. Oh wait, there is one other... see way over there in the distant bank, and you look way over there and you see a tiny little figure of a thing there in the mist and you are told that other one person and you share all this abundance and energy and you say "Oh! There is more than enough than either of the two of us could ever use." You would not find yourself worrying about what he did with it. You can barely see him anyway. You would not worry about what he would do with it or what he wouldn't do with it because the abundance is so enormous. Instead you would get focused on how you would utilize it, and you would begin to understand that even if you gave it every waking moment in this physical experience, you could not even begin to make the slightest difference in this stream... so finally when you get it, that the stream is enormous and eternal and ever present and always flowing, finally once you get that, then you stop worrying about what anyone else is doing with it or about it and you just develop your relationship with the stream.

Abraham - 3/4/98

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