World Transformation: Chinese Qinghai ET Relics
 Chinese Qinghai ET Relics
picture 29 Apr 2004 @ 09:04, by ming

In June 2002 China People's Daily reported:
A group of nine Chinese scientists will go to west China's Qinghai Province this month to closely examine the relics thought by some to have been left by extraterrestrial beings (ET).

It will be the first time scientists seriously study the mysterious site near Delingha City in the depths of the Qaidam Basin, according to government sources with the Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, where Delingha is located.

The site, known by local people as "the ET relics", is on Mount Baigong about 40 kilometers to the southwest of Delingha City.

On the north of the mountain are twin lakes dubbed as the "lover Lakes", one with fresh water and the other with salty water.

The so-called ET relics structure is located on the south bank of the salty lake. It looks like a pyramid and is between 50 to 60 meters high.
Another article here with more information. But what happened?? Nine scientists, ten journalists, and a CCTV film crew - they've gotta have something to say, or show. Where are their findings?

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