World Transformation: Perplexed Heart
 Perplexed Heart
picture 27 May 2004 @ 11:12, by ming

From Swanny the Tinker: Perplexed Heart

The heart it is a curious thing
One moment it weeps the next it sings
It wears itself upon your sleeve
It can turn to stone to practice to deceive
It can be breaking
And still heal all wounds
It's music can lull an infant to sleep
It is the safest place for dreams to keep
It is abundant with joy
It is tugged at by sadness
It cry's it's tears
Of pain and fears
Then fills with joy
That lasts through the years
Its passion spells it's clarity
Lost in reverie unknown
It's rhythm as the tide and shore
Where the warmth and cool winds blow
When takes it's wings to flight I ponder ?
I beg it's wings to grow

By Sparkle

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