World Transformation: Sweet sweet Flower
 Sweet sweet Flower
11 Jun 2004 @ 15:18, by ming

From Swanny the Tinker: SWEET SWEET FLOWER

Sweet sweet flower, I care for thee.......

Though thou hast no arms to hold me, no lips with which to kiss,
Thou be est a truth of some sort, an expression most plain,
of some kind of love of which manner I canst not say.

Yet as I gaze upon thee, my senses are ataken by thy form and color
and scent and hue. I know not why I love est thee, and I know not if thou
love est me, yet in thy essence, thou dost speak to my soul, not as in words
for ears, but in whisperings to my heart,

And as thou dost tremble and dance in breezy winds, I am filled with
a wonder most grand and seek not to know this magic spell, nay,
but only to give thanks for the beauty and grace that thou art....
and thru the years and seasons four, I watch and wait as yet again
thy dost thy perennial display to and fro through life and deaths door.

Sweet sweet flower, I care for thee.

A. G. Jonas (*) 2004

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