World Transformation: Exploring the the next step in human evolution
 Exploring the the next step in human evolution
27 May 2004 @ 11:09, by ming

From Blog of Collective Intelligence: Could collective intelligence be the foundation for the next social and spiritual revolution?"

Craig did it! Craig Hamilton, one of the four editors of the "What Is Enlightenment?" magazine pulled together an amazing issue on collective intelligence. The magazine's website says:

In our May 2004 issue, Craig Hamilton's groundbreaking feature, Come Together: The Mystery of Collective Intelligence introduces you to pioneers who are discovering that wholes are far more than the sum of their parts. When individuals unite in a shared intention, something mysterious comes into being—with capacities and intelligences that far transcend those of the individuals involved."

The collective intelligence pioneers who gave interviews that you can listen to at that site include:

- Juanita Brown
- Tom Atlee featured also in this blog, here and there
- Rupert Sheldrake
- C. Otto Scharmer
- Chris Bache

There's also a list of CI-related books organized by these categories:

* The Art of Dialogue
* Socio-Cultural Studies on Collectivity
* New Order of Business & Leadership
* The Science of Collectivity
* Spirituality & Collective Consciousness

To absorb the richness of materials in this issue will take loooong time.... If interested readers of this blog want to engage with the those pioneers, you can just click on their name, listen to the interview, then come back here to share the questions and insights that they provoked.

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