World Transformation: Different types of emergence?
 Different types of emergence?
29 May 2004 @ 16:58, by ming

From Blog of Collective Intelligence: Regarding the questions of emergence, Ken Wilber has a very interesting and powerful distinction between 'individual holons' and 'social holons'. Each of them clearly illustrate 2 different types of emergence.

Here is what he says in an interview:
Briefly: individual holons are holons with a subjective interior (prehension, awareness, consciousness); they have a defining pattern (code, agency, regime) that emerges spontaneously from within (autopoietic); and they have four drives (agency, communion, eros, agape). Examples of individual holons (or compound individuals) include quarks, atoms, molecules, cells, organisms....

Social holons emerge when individual holons commune; they also have a defining pattern (agency or regime), but they do not have a subjective consciousness; instead, they have distributed or intersubjective consciousness. Examples include galaxies, planets, crystals, ecosystems, families, tribes, communities.... Both individual and social are holons, and they both follow the twenty tenets. Actually, individual and social holons are not different entities, but different aspects of all holons, since all holons have an interior and an exterior in singular and plural forms (the four quadrants), but they are indeed different aspects that cannot be merely equated.
.... [Read whole interview]

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